LONDON, 19th April 2022 – A groundbreaking archive search and content recommendation tool aimed at digital publishers has been launched by London-based software developer LOYAL, supported by seed capital from the Google News Initiative and Innovate UK.

The AI-driven tool – accessed via a web application, Google Chrome extension, or Word add-in – ‘understands’ written work as it is being generated and performs a hyper-focused website archive search to retrieve highly-related articles in seconds.

Jun 21, 2023

LOYAL launches advanced archive search tool for digital publishers

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Powered by natural language processing (NLP), LOYAL’s market-leading journalism tool provides built-in search insights, sentiment analysis, and topic identification for an intelligent search experience. Digital publishers can empower teams of journalists to make informed internal linking decisions, enrich new content, and boost content optimisation to drive new readership. 

The algorithms, which were developed in-house, immediately identify and retrieve only the most relevant archive material, eliminating the arduous task of multiple search engine visits and extensive, unnecessary reading. LOYAL’s Shared Boards feature, a collaborative space for article storing and sharing, is designed to bridge the gap between search and editorial teams and facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas.

Reuters Institute’s Journalism, media, and technology trends and predictions 2022 report found that more than eight-in-ten media companies think AI will be important for better content recommendations (85%) and newsroom automation (81%).

Dan Reeves, Director and Co-founder of LOYAL, says: “We’re on a mission to help publishers unlock the power of their archives. Through the invaluable support we have received from Google and Innovate UK, combined with the dedicated work of our talented team of NLP experts, we have created a revolutionary resource that drives productivity within the newsroom environment and delivers valuable results at speed.” 

“This is an exciting time for digital publishers,” says Ben Martin, fellow Director and Co-founder of LOYAL. “With Reuters Institute identifying that over two-thirds of publishers see artificial intelligence as the biggest enabler for journalism over the next few years, we’re delighted to apply the power of this technology to deliver real value to publishers of all sizes.” 

The archive search tool has been successfully trialled by a number of top publications, including Thrillist, talkSPORT, The Week, and Pulse. LOYAL is now offering a 14-day free trial of the software to publishers and content creators.  

More information on LOYAL’s one-click archive search solution can be found at  


Dan Reeves and Ben Martin are available for interview.   

About LOYAL 

LOYAL is a London-based software company founded in 2021 by Ben Martin, Dan Reeves, Andrew McAngus and Claude Grunitzky with the aim of using artificial intelligence to boost the performance of digital publishers. With a growing team of software developers and machine learning engineers, LOYAL is developing a suite of journalism tools. More information can be found at