revolutionise industries.

An Award-Winning AI Venture Studio

We build AI-powered business to

What is TMC²?

As architects of value, we have created

70+ global patents in Artificial Intelligence

to empower & protect our portfolio.

TMC2 Venture Studio elevates ideas to reality, building a valuable portfolio of groundbreaking products.

The TMC² Venture Studio was launched as the successor to its highly successful predecessor, Time Machine Capital “TMC”.

The first TMC Venture Studio was formed in 2015 and over the past several years has returned between

400-700+% to its investors.

Our core area of expertise is the applied use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our team has already secured more than 70 patents for applications in fintech, music, media, and emotional perception. We have a track record of creating significant value in several successful ventures.

We originate, grow and partner with investable businesses. Working collaboratively with founders, we add key experienced, entrepreneurial personnel to help scale those businesses.

We also own our own AI Lab, Pyrsos, find out more here.


Companies we back

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Ben Martin CEO, LOYAL AI

TMC2 help us to bring Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning beyond what is expected in the media sector.