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AI Lab:

(Eng., Ph.D.): Aggelos Pikrakis is a Scientific Advisor with TMC² and an Assistant Professor with the Department of Informatics at the University of Piraeus, Greece. His research interests lie in the areas of machine learning/artificial intelligence for audio, video, speech and music signals with an emphasis on deep neural network architectures, dictionary learning algorithms, hidden Markov Models and dynamic time warping techniques. He is a co-inventor of granted patents on music recommendation technology and he has co-authored two international textbooks with Academic Press in the areas of pattern recognition and audio analysis, as well as more than 50 research papers in international journals and conferences, including IEEE Transactions on ASLP, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia and IEEE ICASSP. He has also served for a number of years as an Associate Editor of the EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing. During the past 15 years, he has been teaching various courses related to audiovisual signal processing and machine learning and is supervising Ph.D. theses in the areas of speech pathology detection, intelligent music sensing and audio event detection in weakly labelled environments. His work has received award recognition through the years, including a 1st position in the MIREX contest for algorithms, an IEEE MMSP best paper award (co-author) and the 2019 EURASIP Meritorious Service Award. Aggelos provides research advice on state-of-the-art AI technologies for music / image / video recommendation / retrieval problems and pattern mining / knowledge discovery applications.

Dr. Aggelos Pikrakis


Advisory Board:

Chairman of JAID, an AI-driven platform specialising in intelligent business automation and Vice Chairman (previously Deputy CEO) of Calastone, the largest global funds transaction network, connecting many of the world’s leading financial organisations.   

Ken has over 25 years experience in business and technology transformation within the financial services industry, including from Atos Euronext Market Solutions (NYSE Technologies), where he was Global Head of Strategy and Business Development. 

Prior to AEMS, Ken was Chief Operating Officer of Instinet International, following a five-year tenure at Merrill Lynch as Global Head of Architecture for the Corporate and Institutional Client Group.  Ken holds a D.Phil in Atomic Spectroscopy from Oxford University and a B.Sc. in Physics from Imperial College.

Ken Tregidgo 

Bruce Isaacs 

Bruce has more than 35 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and business leader, predominantly in the hospitality sector.  He has advised businesses through startup to scaleup, being actively involved in fundraising, strategy, direct management of teams and personnel development. He has particularly focused on turnarounds, growth and re-direction of companies through consultancy, working in both interim management and long-term roles.

Over the course of his career, Bruce has worked across a variety of sectors, including AI, telecoms, hospitality, retail and transport. 

Most recently he was the first senior hire at Stability AI, joining as Interim Chief Operating Officer pre-funding in 2022. He assisted the founders in creating an investable business, working with the company through the initial $100m funding at a unicorn valuation. Post-investment he was acting Head of People, recruiting senior executives at the C-suite level to lead the business.  

Professor of AI and Chair of the Deep Tech Innovation Centre at Warwick University with 30+ years of IT, business and management experience across multiple industries, including Financial Services, Retail and Products, Media, Telecoms & Technology and Health & Public Services. 

Consulting with CEOs and their boards on AI strategy, delivery, governance, operating model, responsible AI, ethics, innovation, change and scaling AI. An AI influencer, thought leader, international keynote speaker, author and community leader on AI having an extensive network within the AI community globally. 

Prof. Andy Pardoe

Paul James has had a distinguished career marked by his adept management of transformative change in Financial Services and fintech. As the founder of Kalyxa in 2018, an investment vehicle, Paul successfully launched key ventures, including the AI platform Jaid, the fiat and crypto payments platform Ziglu, and the digital consultancy Fimatix.

His leadership extends to diverse early-stage ventures in Banking, IT, and social media. Paul played a pivotal role in creating a mobile-based sports news community in East Africa, innovating a retail banking platform in the UK, and actively collaborating with early-stage technology companies, particularly in fintech. His extensive experience and multifaceted contributions make him a valuable asset to any advisory board, particularly in navigating financial transformations and fostering innovation.

Paul James