November 7, 2022

London-based software developer LOYAL AI are excited to announce a partnership with TMC2, the artificial intelligence and machine learning research and investment specialist, to further build out their suite of AI powered archive search and content recommendation capabilities.

With pre-seed funding from Google News Initiative and Innovate UK, LOYAL AI has launched its first generation, AI powered archive search tool to enable Digital Publishers to accurately search, match and retrieve high value content in milliseconds.

LOYAL’s team of Natural Language Processing (NLP) experts have designed an AI powered productivity tool that is built to boost website engagement and page views by supporting a publication’s internal linking strategy, speeding up the discovery of high value, relevant content and driving advanced search capabilities. This delivers significant value through enabling search and editorial teams to write, embed high value links and publish articles at speed.

With expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning, TMC2 is an award-winning, London-based research and investment firm created to evolve and commercialise a portfolio of technology ventures and has already secured more than fifty patents for AI applications in fintech, music, media, and emotional perception.

LOYAL AI will partner with TMC2 to further develop its suite of editorial tools and aims to harness the opportunities offered by the media technology patents.

“We’re delighted to support such a bold initiative with far-reaching benefits for the information world,” says Ken Lythgoe, CCO at TMC2. “LOYAL AI is a solution every publisher could benefit from as they look to grow and evolve in a digital-first world.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with TMC2 to help accelerate our advanced search technology development and drive our scale-up ambitions ” says Ben Martin, Director and Co-founder of LOYAL AI. “

With Reuters Institute identifying that over two-thirds of publishers see artificial intelligence as the biggest enabler for journalism over the next few years, we’re excited to apply the power of this technology to deliver real value to publishers of all sizes.”

LOYAL’s archive search product has been successfully trialled by a number of top publications, including Thrillist, talkSPORT, The Week, and Pulse. LOYAL AI is now offering a 14-day free trial of the software to publishers and content creators.

More information on LOYAL’s suite of editorial tools can be found at


LOYAL AI is a London-based software company founded in 2021 by Ben Martin, Dan Reeves, Andrew McAngus and Claude Grunitzky with the aim of using artificial intelligence to boost the performance of digital publishers. With a growing team of software developers and machine learning engineers, LOYAL AI is developing a suite of journalism tools. More information can be found at

About TMC2

TMC2 is an award-winning, London-based research and investment firm created to evolve and commercialise a portfolio of technology ventures. Its core area of expertise is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and its team has already secured more than fifty AI patents for applications in diverse fields, including fintech, music, sports, media, and emotional perception.

LOYAL AI partners with award-winning research and investment firm TMC²

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